Monday, January 4, 2016

My Top 13 "Not Resolutions"

"A new year, a new you" is literally everywhere I look the last few days. Gyms offering half off memberships, banks offering new interest rates, clothing stores having huge sales. I really am struggling with this because as much as I would have liked to have woken up 3 days ago skinnier, smarter, more well rounded, with an adorable outfit and more money in my bank account it simply didn't happen. I didn't even bother to make resolutions this year. It might sound pessimistic but I NEVER KEEP THEM!!! And, I figured, why set myself up for failure at the START of 2016. Instead I did what I do best, I got on pinterest and found some awesome this year I am doing life mottos to live by instead of resolutions for big change. I am going to change my mindset on the little stuff and watch the big stuff happen. So my mottos for the new year....

"You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the entire world and there is still going to be someone who doesn't like peaches."
This one became a really big deal to me this past year. I tried to be impressive, I tried to be on top of everything, overly sweet and extremely helpful and no matter what I did I found that I am simply not everyones cup of tea...and in 2016 THAT IS OK!!!! It is ok that not everyone is going to love me or want to be my best friend. That is simply not how life works. My goal for this year is to be true to myself, to be real, to be me and the people who are SUPPOSED to be in my life will be there when this year comes to a close. 

"Stay close to things that make you happy to be alive" 
This past year I had an amazing opportunity to meet a ton of new and exciting people from every walk of life: from congressmen to homeless people in downtown and they each had an interesting story to tell. Unfortunately, in being so intoxicated by the passion and life that they get to lead I lost sight of the things I love and started doing more of what they love or what they do that makes them so successful. While I do think it is a great idea to learn from people who have gone before us who have been successful and live lives full of passion and intrigue we also can't try to morph ourselves into them. I found that I was much happier when I made time to run, to paint, to read, to talk a long night walk around campus, etc...even if no one around me enjoyed it or thought they had time. When I took the time to feed my soul every aspect of my life began to look a lot brighter. 

"Don't live the same year 75 times and call it a life."
This is a trap that so many people fall into...routine is safe. Routine enables you to live comfortably without ever having to worry about losing it all or the risk involved...routine will destroy you. This year I will take different paths to class, I will try new feeds and different types of coffee, I will swim in the ocean and drive to the beach just to see a sunrise, I will meet new people and read new books that I NEVER would have picked up otherwise...I will break routine and be the enemy of comfort and revel in the little miracles that are waiting to be uncovered when you step off the beaten path.

"Somedays you have to create your own sunshine"
I have seasonal depression so this is a big deal for me...but not just literal sunshine (even though sometimes I do need some serious heat lamp time) but in my mood. Some days are boring and some days are just bad. But, my outlook is in my hands and no one else's. I chose to dance in the puddles instead of complaining about the rain.

"Whatever you are be a good one"
This applies to every aspect of my life this year. Be a good aunt, be a good girlfriend, be a good friend, be a good student, be a good me. I don't have to have some fancy job title or 7 digit bank account to want to excel at every role I hold...and how much different and magical would life be if I gave everything I am my all?

"Find joy in the ordinary"
Even though this year is all about BREAKING routine and trying new things...about doing things that terrify me I am not stupid enough to believe that every single day will be new and different and fabulous and THAT IS OK! I will find joy in the simple smell of my morning coffee as I wait for my first class. I will find joy in the simple "good morning" text I get from my boyfriend, I will find joy in the old brick streets as I walk to class, and the familiarity of the classroom. I will find joy in the way the sunrises and sets and the way my best friend tells me every single thing she learned in class. I will find joy in the simple, everyday occurrences that make this life so beautiful.

"Say yes to new adventures"
This is a big one...this past year I went to California to visit one of the most beautiful women I know, and while there she made me swim in the ocean...and I almost had a panic attack because, well, JAWS. BUT I DID IT!! And I felt so proud of myself right after and I really wanted to do it again...but we went to disney world instead...either way I conquered a fear and felt like a rockstar. I ate a Mexican/Chinese infusion taco on campus, I officially joined the oldest debate society in the country, I MOVED TO DC BY MYSELF WITHOUT KNOWING ANYONE! And so much more. This year started off right when I went to the beach to start the year and did things that were very out of the ordinary for me (put-put anyone?) but my goal for this year is to carry that trend on so that when I scrapbook these adventures I can say "yeah I did that and it was awesome." (or maybe THAT WAS SO STUPID BUT I SURVIVED AND I HAVE A PICTURE TO PROVE IT SO HA! either way...)

"Be curious not judgmental"
This is a big deal at the phase of life I am at. There are so many people around me, from so many backgrounds, so many religions, and so many views and it is really easy for me to hear about something and immediately be like "thats weird, wrong, etc." but this year I want to ask questions and hear the answer and LEARN and love what I learn. I don't have to embrace every idea that comes my way but I do have to be a decent human being about it! Besides, learning new things doesn't mean I am giving in, it could actually strengthen the beliefs and convictions I have.

"When all else fails, take a nap"
Sometimes no matter how much I plan or push or try things just are not going to happen. AND THAT IS OK...I AM GOING TO FAIL IN 2015!!! And that is ok too. Just a reminder that sometimes you do your best and it doesn't pan out but you can always just take a nap and try again in later. (Disclaimer: I also just really like naps)

"What you are complaining about someone else is praying for"
My boyfriend and I went to the beach to start off new year. Well considering it is January in the south it was about 40 degrees at the beach and I am a baby when it comes to being cold. We run into starbucks to get a drink before heading down to the beach to watch the waves crash...when we get our coffee we turn and make a mad dash to the truck and I looked at him and said "This coffee isn't even full this is ridiculous what do I have to do buy a vinti to get as much coffee as used to come in a grande?!" He agrees and then throws in something about how long the line was then took a sip of his coffee "this coffee isn't even hot just barely warm!" We both were having a nice pity party until it hit us and we both said "we sound like them!" Them is a couple that we both know very well and no matter what the situation is there is SOMETHING wrong with it and it is exhausting and gross and exhausting....and exhausting...immediately he said "WE ARE AT THE BEACH!" and I said "and we can afford starbucks coffee in the first place" we both laughed and guess what? Our half empty, luke warm coffees did NOT ruin our day. Actually we had a great time sitting out on the beach and never thought about it again. Life is all about perspective...and this year I plan on having some.

"Would you rather be uncomfortable for 30-60 minutes a day or uncomfortable your entire life?"
I need to work out...even if I don't want to and even if I am never a size 2. I want to be HEALTHY and HAPPY. I want to look in the mirror and be like "I got you girl" instead of "I am so sorry you look and feel like this" and honestly that is all up to me.

"Collect moments, not things"
It is amazing how much we spend on stuff that goes into a closet and never comes out again. OR how much we spend trying to keep up with the latest apple product (iPhone78sss anyone?). And honestly, those things mean so little. I don't think I have ever held a long, interesting conversation with anyone as they told me about all the STUFF they had. I have, however, sat absolutely entranced as people told me of places they had traveled, things they had done, people they had met, and experiences they've accumulated...and that makes for a beautiful life.

"Every day is a chance to change your life"
This is the last one for a reason...I will fail. I will not uphold these some days and I will be frustrated but the fact of the matter is that one day is a small set back. ONE WEEK IS A SMALL SETBACK and it is never to late to say I am changing this now. I don't need to wait for 12:00am January 1, 2017 to try again...I can try again any day I choose.

To make living itself an art, that is the goal.